12"x24" Reclaimed Wood Wall Art



Saying: How to be a mermaid Love the skin you&'re in, believe in magic, dive deep in your soul, give hope like seashells, ride the tides of life, count blessings like grains of sand, explore all that is hidden, go with the flow, celebrate diversity

The world doesn't build things the way they used to, but we do.

Second Nature by Hand creates quality, one-of-a-kind products. Our products contain a story, a soul, a moment of history.

Working with reclaimed materials allows us to offer our customers a fleeting treasure that is only available for as long as our limited supply of raw materials lasts.

One-hundred-year-old buildings made of 18 inch timbers are hard to find and are not being replaced. We are proud to create artwork from such special, unique and finite materials.

Product Dimensions: 12"x24"
In Stock: YES