They encourage, motivate, inspire, uplift, and make us smile. 

Second Nature by Hand is proud to bring you the hearts behind the Artist Series.

From familiar songs on the radio, to words of encouragement, humor and inspiration, words resonate with the soul. 

Get to know our artists behind the Artist Series. The words they create are the perfect gift for your soul.  

In the News

  • Marry Someone You Can Laugh With - Marriage is a marathon, not a sprint. And in between all of the highs ― the wedding day, trips around the world, births of children ― there are going to be some lows. When you’re in the throes of one of those unavoidable rough patches, a shared sense of humor can truly be a lifesaver.
  • "Countryholic" Debut - Songwriting veteran Jeffrey Steele is among the performers who, early in his career, graced the stage of the Palomino Club, the legendary North Hollywood venue that was a haven for country fans for decades. In a nod to the club, which helped launch Dwight Yoakam into superstardom.